Phil Jackson Is Making It Impossible To Be a Knicks Fan

Just when you thought it can’t possibly get worst, Phil Jackson shows you that rock bottom has a basement.
Phil Jackson has hired the wrong coaches one after another. He said Carmelo Anthony is better off somewhere else. Basically telling him to wave his no trade clause or the Knicks are just going to waive him anyway.
At the end of the 2016-17 season, he had a press conference he made reference to the D-league(now the G-league) 4 times(I counted). When he has completed his 3rd year of being the Knicks president of basketball operations and you haven’t come close to the playoffs, I don’t want to hear you talking about the G-league.
Now Phil Jackson seems like he is open to trading Porzingis. It gets worst, he said the reason he would consider doing it is for the future. PORZINGIS IS THE FUTURE PHIL! Then, Phil had the nerve to say “two starters and a draft pick” referring to what the Knicks could get back from trading Porzingis.
Phil Jackson seems to be ego driven and a salty that Porzingis did not show up to the exit meeting.
I don’t want to hear Phil Jackson talk about the Knicks for the rest of the summer. I don’t care that he is the president of basketball operations for the Knicks. Phil is telling us he is building for a future and he not going to be here. It is impossible to be a Knicks fan will Phil calling the shots. Emphasis on the word impossible.


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