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Boomerang Launched a Steaming Service

Boomerang has launched their own standalone streaming services. Boomerang will offer access to the classic cartoons like Tom & Jerry, Droopy, Scooby-Doo, Looney Tunes, and etc.

You can get the streaming service with two billing options, $3.33/month for an annual membership or $4.99/month for a monthly membership.


This is a pretty sweet deal if you have a nostalgic moment and want to see Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck go at it or even watch Yogi and Boo-Boo adventures in the Forrest. AT the very least it may be worth it to try the free trial and see how you like it.

You can only watch the service on the web, iOS, and Android devices. The Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku, and Chromecast are all said to be coming soon.



YouTube TV Is Here

I got an email yesterday afternoon informing me that YouTube TV is available in the Philadelphia Area. I signed up for the free trial immediately. YouTube TV is priced at $35 a month and seems to cater to sports lover with their channel lineup.


YouTube TV is only available in 5 US cities as of right now. The cities are New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia and the San Francisco Bay Area.

One of the things I am impressed with the most is YouTube TV offering Comcast Sports Network. For years the only way you could watch the bulk of Phillies games was to have a Comcast cable subscription.

YouTube TV allows you to share their service with 5 other people simply by having a google account. Let’s say you split the cost with just one person you will end up paying a little under $19 a piece. Not Bad?

If you keep your subscription pass the free trial, you will receive a free Google Chromecast. YouTube TV also informs you that the 1st generation Chromecast may experience issues when you try to cast YouTube TV to it. I have the 1st generation Chromecast and it does take a moment to load when you select channels or changes channels, but it has been pretty smooth after it loads.


Every MLB Team Has a Twitter Emoji

Twitter and the MLB release the new Twitter Emojis for each MLB team on 2017 opening day.

Some of them I really like, some of them I find myself scratching my head about.


I like the Braves #ChopOn, The Orioles #Birdland, and of course #GoPhils.

I really hate The Mets #LGM and The Diamondbacks #ourseason. Either way, the MLB become the 3rd of the 4 major sports to get Twitter Emojis for all team. Only the NHL does not have Twitter Emojis.

The Cheapest Phone Bill I Ever Had

I am closing in on a Year with Google’s Project Fi and I have couldn’t be happier. I made 12 payments so far that totaled out to $337.63. That’s an average phone bill of $28.13 a month. This month I got the lowest phone bill I ever got in my life of having a wireless service provider. My bill for March is $7.99.


This is why I encourage more people to at least try Google’s Project Fi. A lot of people get tied into contracts with other providers and they are just wasting money.


Netflix Needs An UI Upgrade

Maybe it’s just me, but I find it hard to find random shows and movies on Netflix. The “recently added” and “trending now” section are the list I see the most, but they do not have things I want to see.

I feel the way the Netflix user interface is currently setup, it is limited the view of all of the content the content. If you share a Netflix account like most people, the suggestion is usually not that accurate.


One thing I do notice is they want to force their original content down your Throat. Ultimately I would love to have a way to view the entire database opposed to these select slideshows based on genres they think I want to see.

What you think?

GameStop to Close Over 100 Stores

The video game retailer GameStop did not have a very successful 2016 holiday season. The first quarter of 2017 has not been particularly well for the company either. The software sales have been down by 19% and the hardware sales have been down by 29%.

GameStop claims this all just a part of their strategy. In 2017 while they will be closing their underperforming stores, they will also be opening 65 Technology Brand stores and 35 Collectibles stores.

I believe the decline sales in vastly due to the popularity of digital gaming. It is much more convenient to purchase your games on your console and download them right to the system.

I am looking forward to seeing how things play out with GameStop going forward.

Apple Will Release a Red iPhone 7

Apple will release a special edition all red iPhone 7 March 24th, 2017. This is not new for Apple since they have always released special edition all red products in the past. The tech giant donates some the money of every purchase to the Global Fund to support HIV/AIDS programs and help deliver an AIDS-free generation.

The initial colored iPhone 7 phones will go for $649 without a contract while the red iPhone will go for $749 without a contract. The initial colored iPhone 7 Plus will go for $769 while the red iPhone 7 Plus will go for $869.

Unless red is your favorite color, I don’t see the point of getting the red iPhone with the iPhone 8 release coming in September.