How To Make Money With Mintvine

There are tons of ways to make passive income on the internet these days. One of my favorites in the last two years is a site called Mintvine.
It’s super easy to make passive income with Mintvine. I managed to make $115.65 this year alone.
Mintvine is a site that allows you to redeem the money you make off the surveys, videos, and etc once you get to 1000 points which equal $10. If you would like you can do a survey every day. Some you qualify for so you may not, but you still get some points.
Mintvine also offers you 5 points every day just for answering poll questions. If you managed to answer the poll 10 days in a row they will give you a bonus 25 points. That’s 75 points just for answering a poll question.
Once you get into the vibe of things you will find that it is pretty easy to get to 1000 points or $10 when you show some effort. I think the easiest way is to earn points is by watching videos. go to Offers>AdWall tab>Select any of the videos. You can just let these video run and just let the points add up.Occasionally you will have to select the”still watching” to keep the videos going. You can easily get to 1000 points or $10 in 5 to 8 days just from the videos.
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