The 2018-19 NBA Season Is Already Over

I said it and I mean it, The 2018-19 is a snack wrap and it is all because of the Golden State Warriors. 

The intrigue in this upcoming NBA season was snatched the moment DeMarcus Cousins joined the Warriors.

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Sure LeBron James going to the Lakers is interesting and the Los Angeles Lakers are expected to be much better. Carmelo Anthony joining the Houston Rocket is interesting and I expect them to be good as well. The Boston Celtics seem to be the all-out favorite to come out of the East with the deep roster they got. I won’t even count out the Toronto Raptors as a possible contender.

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With all that being said there is no one that is stopping the Golden State Warriors from winning another championship. This 2018-19 NBA season is so anti-climatic I have no interest in talking about it with anyone. Sure, I will watch some key games, key player matchups, and the all-star weekend. But I am telling you guys the ending is already writing.

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On top of everything else, I am a Knicks fan and I am banned from talking my own team until 2019 off-season. Speaking of the 2019 NBA off-season I will not take a vast interest in the NBA until then.


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