How I made over $1,000+ Online in 2016

Since 2008 I have actively looked for ways to make money online. To my surprise at the time, there was a lot of scams and very few real money making opportunities. 8 years later the opportunities are endless.
Sendearnings –  $88.22
Sendearnings is a website where you can take surveys, watch videos.

Mintvine is mainly a Survey site that allows you to redeem the money you make off the surveys once you get to 1000 points which equal $10. I try to spend 2 to 4 hours a week doing surveys and redeem over $10 every 3 weeks. Not a ton of money, but it’s money none to less.
This site is based on surveys. I would get surveys for $0.50 to $5.00 at times. The big money came from doing studies. Must study’s may take a few days to a few weeks. I also did some product testing
InstaGC – $101.04

I found this to be one of the easiest online money makers. I could watch videos, do surveys, complete offers, and visit different websites for money. Once you get to $5 or 500 points you can redeem your money. I tried to redeem once a month to let the money build up a little bit.
Points Panel – $46
This is an app you install on your phone. The app just runs in the background watch the way you interact with the web. When I first got this app I had to report my purchasing activity for 10 days and got $35 once I was done. Now I get about $5 to $6 a month from having this app installed.
Qmee – $11.14
This app pays you money for shopping essentially. No matter if I am on Google, Ebay, Amazon, Walmart, etc. I am looking to buy something online this app pops up on the side with items that all I have to do is click them and will add money to my qmee account.
Perk – $115
Perk is interesting. So a company with a different name sent me a box to connect to my internet router at home. They pay about $50 every 3 months or so. Perk also has a site where you can watch videos and accumulate points and redeem the points for PayPal money or Gift Cards.
This is an app they will send you surveys throughout the day. Depending on where you are in the world you may get an in-store survey. Once you get to $10 you can send the money to your PayPal.
1Q – $1.25
This is an app that will randomly send you a poll question. When you answer the poll they will instantly send you $0.25 to $0.50 straight to your PayPal.
Swagbucks – $25
Swagbucks has, videos, surveys, but I think the main focus is to give you cash back just for shopping online. There are different site will give you a different amount of point for shopping on their site with Swagbucks activated.
Ebay – 40.33
I got a few sales on eBay from getting rid of some things I don’t need anymore.
Quest Mindshare – $40
I listened to 603 songs and gave my opinion on each song. As a result, they gave me $40 for my time.
Opinion Post – 12.40
This is another survey site that gives you points for doing surveys. Once you get to 100 points which turns out to be $10.
All together I made $1,262. That rounds out to about $105 a month. That’s not a ton of money but I was just jumping into these things just to see how things work. I think I can double or triple this number If I pick the sites that work the best and focus in on them. I am already off to a good start in 2017 and I will try to shatter that $1,262

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