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Travis Scott Finally Releases a Video to Goosebumps

It took him long enough. I have been waiting for a video for Goosebump fo a while now. I got to the point where I thought the video was probably never going to come out. As most Travis Scott videos, it is not your normal rap music video. Check it out




YouTube TV Is Here

I got an email yesterday afternoon informing me that YouTube TV is available in the Philadelphia Area. I signed up for the free trial immediately. YouTube TV is priced at $35 a month and seems to cater to sports lover with their channel lineup.


YouTube TV is only available in 5 US cities as of right now. The cities are New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia and the San Francisco Bay Area.

One of the things I am impressed with the most is YouTube TV offering Comcast Sports Network. For years the only way you could watch the bulk of Phillies games was to have a Comcast cable subscription.

YouTube TV allows you to share their service with 5 other people simply by having a google account. Let’s say you split the cost with just one person you will end up paying a little under $19 a piece. Not Bad?

If you keep your subscription pass the free trial, you will receive a free Google Chromecast. YouTube TV also informs you that the 1st generation Chromecast may experience issues when you try to cast YouTube TV to it. I have the 1st generation Chromecast and it does take a moment to load when you select channels or changes channels, but it has been pretty smooth after it loads.


I Hate That Archer and Bobs Burger Have The Same Voice

Animation Characters Archer and Bob from Bob’s Burger are voiced by the same voice actor H. Jon Benjamin.


When I say “I hate” I mean that jokingly and affectionately of course. Although I do not like when I hear the voice and think it one show and it’s not and vice versa. I was really laughing out loud when I saw this crossover scene which is must see if you enjoy both shows.


Netflix Needs An UI Upgrade

Maybe it’s just me, but I find it hard to find random shows and movies on Netflix. The “recently added” and “trending now” section are the list I see the most, but they do not have things I want to see.

I feel the way the Netflix user interface is currently setup, it is limited the view of all of the content the content. If you share a Netflix account like most people, the suggestion is usually not that accurate.


One thing I do notice is they want to force their original content down your Throat. Ultimately I would love to have a way to view the entire database opposed to these select slideshows based on genres they think I want to see.

What you think?