Big Baller Brand Sells over 4,000 Pairs Of Shoes

After social media bashed Laver Ball for independently releasing a sneaker under the Big Baller Brand, Lavar may have the last laugh. Big Baller Brand has managed to sell over 4,000 pairs shoes

I love it, I hate the fact that people tried to throw their shade on the Big Baller Brand effort to release their own shoe. I do believe the price point was too high, but I have no idea how much it cost to produce a show with multiple sizes independently. So Gucci flip flops are cool at $395 for flip flops, but a man independently creating a sneaker with the intentions of creating a family empire is corny?

A pair of Gucci flip flops cost close to $400. I didn’t see anybody say Gucci prices is too high. I don’t think people truly understand the risk that Lavar Ball is taking with bringing this shoe to retail independently.
I am going to put this at the level of groundbreaking. Before Lonzo Ball is even drafted into the NBA he has his own show with his own family owned brand behind it. I hope Big Baller Brand explodes to the point where maybe in 2 decades they become serious competitors of Nike, Adidas, and Under Armor.
If I could afford them I would have purchased a pair ZO2’s. I am openly endorsing the Big Baller Brand.

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