I am much more productive when I am not at home, so a good internet cafe is very admirable to me. I guess since I am so picky, I can find a settle reason to not like an internet cafe. I won’t say the venues name, but I stopped going to a cafe because the coffee was terrible. Another place had good coffee, but the coffee was too pricey.
I attended the Capital One Cafe in Philadelphia on 17th and Walnut Ave.  They recently moved from one side of the street to the other. The new venue is absolutely beautiful. Calling it a modern setting might be an understatement. the venue is nice, spacious and comfortable. They have private rooms that can be reserved. They also have a conference room setting that can be reserved for an off-site team meeting.

I could spend countless hours in this place because the comfortably raises my productivity significantly. If I am downtown and I got some time to kill, I will definitely find myself at the Capital One Cafe.

I enjoyed the coffee they have there. They offer you a 50% off select items if you pay with your capital one card. They also offer complimentary lemon water located right next to the coffee stand.


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