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Lil’ Wayne Signs To Roc Nation

Lil’ Wayne announced at a concert that he was a new member of the Roc Nation team.

“Is it cool if I just say it? It’s the Roc! You know I’m a member of that team now. We’ll talk about that later though,”

Here is the Instagram video of him saying it.

It's official! #LilWayne is signed to #RocNation

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It would be interesting to hear how birdman feels about this.

San Francisco To Offer Tuition-Free College

Starting in the fall of 2017, The city of San Francisco will become the first United States city to offer Tuition-free college. Something I am hopeful becomes a trend in America. As interesting as it sounds my first question was, How is the city paying for this?

San Francisco has a transfer tax for properties that sold for over $5 million. This tax money will be used to fund the Tuition-free college program. The city of San Francisco plans to give City College of San Francisco over $5 million a year to fund this program.

In order to attend City College of San Francisco tuition free you have to be a resident of San Francisco for at least one-year. Low-income students will get money for books and other supplies along with free tuition. Low-income full-time students will get $500, while low-income part-time students will get $200.

New York City may be the next city that offers a version of tuition-free college in the future.

D.A. Seth Williams Pleads Not Guilty

District Attorney Seth Williams decided to plead not guilty to all charges against him and was released on $50,000 bail. Williams is being charged with multiple accounts of corruption and bribery. The investigators believe Williams was accepting gifts in exchange for using his influence to intervene in cases

List of gifts

  • Convertible Jaguar
  • Luxury Trip to Punta Cana
  • $9,000 in cash
  • $205 Louis Vuitton Bowtie
  • $3,000+ custom sofa
  • Blueberry Watch
  • Eagles Tickets

Seth Williams is even being accused of taking more than $20,000 from his mother’s Pension to pay his own mortgage and electric bill.

A part of me believe this may all be investigators digging into someone business too much and it’s all a misunderstanding. Another part of me believes Seth Williams was really out her taking money left and right to influence cases simply cause he needed the money.



Dave Chappelle New Netflix Specials are Great

Netflix released the highly anticipated 2 stand-up specials by none other than Dave Chappelle. Is was reported that Netflix gave Dave $60 million for a total of 3 stand-up specials to be exclusively on Netflix.

I was impressed with both stand-up specials being absolutely different from each other. The content of the jokes was different making it worth it to watch both specials back to back.

I really like the Kevin Hart bit he did towards the end of the first special. He makes a funny joke of how he found out Kevin was super famous. I was enlightened to see another comedian talk about Kevin Hart is in a positive light and even make a joke out of it. Most other times you hear other comedians refer to Kevin Hart, it’s in the worst possible way.

On the second special which seems to be shot in Texas, one of the highlighted jokes to me was the one about the banana peel being thrown at him. It turns out it’s not just a joke someone actually throws a banana peel at Dave while he was doing a show. His name is Christian Englander.



SEPTA Proposing a Fare Increase

SEPTA is proposing a fare increase that could take effect pretty soon. In the past, SEPTA had far increases in 2007, 2010, and 2013. There was a fare increase scheduled for 2016, but it was postponed due to the new key payment system.

SEPTA states that the fare increase to fund their operating expenses. That statement was interesting to me. I am not inside of SEPTA’s QuickBooks account( assuming they use QuickBooks), but SEPTA also generates money from advertisement and receive money from the state. I just wonder is SEPTA’s every 3-year fare increase because the cost of living going up or is SEPTA not closing out the year in the black?

According to this how the prices will change once the fare increase is in effect.

-Cash Fare/Quick Trip: Increase from $2.25 to $2.50

-Tokens/discounted single ride with Key: From $1.80 to $2

-Transit Transfers would remain unchanged at $1

-Disabled Fare: From $1 to $1.25

-Paratransit/Shared Ride: $4 to $4.25

-Weekly TransPass: From $24 to $25.50 (up to 56 trips for one customer)

-Monthly TransPass: rom $91 to $96 (up to 240 trips for one customer)

-Weekly TrailPasses: Currently $27.25-$53, depending on zone; proposed increase to $28.25-$55.75 (up to 56 trips for one customer)

-Monthly TrailPasses: Currently $101-$191, depending on zone; proposed increase to $105-$204 (up to 240 trips for one customer)

-Convenience Pass: From $8 to $9

The people of Philadelphia have grown tired of SEPTA in recent years especially after that SEPTA strike in 2016.


Why You Shouldn’t Eat Booty, Ever

For one it’s disgusting. The human ass might literally be the most filthy part of the entire body. I did do an extensive amount of research and found the worst of the worst of what can happen to you from eating booty. I ‘m not even going o waste my time to share this knowledge because the people who are performing this disgusting activity will not stop because of scary stories and doctor studies.

However, I will recommend a safer why to do it.  I am sure there may be a few people already using this, but I don’t hear a lot about it. If you’re going to eat booty get yourself so dental dams.


You can get them ultra thin with flavors. With dental dams, you have no real reason to put your mouth on someone bare asshole ever again. You can get a bunch of them for less than $20. I feel it’s worth the investment if eating booty is a part of your lifestyle.