To no one’s surprise, Facebook rises of popularity have become the 6th highest valued company in America. Facebook’s worth is estimated to be around $350 billion. Long story short life is good for Facebook. Based on some public statements made by former and current employees of Facebook absolutely love their job. According to the survey results from, Facebook employees are the least stressed and the most satisfied with their job compared to another top Tech companies.
Working at Facebook comes with some perks one would imagine, but how good are these perks compared to the common employee. According to a Facebook employee on, Facebook provides employees with $4,000 for employees who just had a newborn. On top of that employees get $3,000 year in babysitting expenses. To put the icing on the cake the employee with the newborn will also get 4 months paid time off for the first year of the baby’s life. This work perk can really resonate with American women who face a great deal of stress dealing with their maternal leave with their employers.
A former Facebook employee named Matt Kulka posted on that Facebook has medical personnel on site. Now I’m not talking about somebody equivalent to a school to nurse that will give to 2 Tylenol no matter what’s wrong with you. Matt said that they have a doctor, chiropractor, and physical therapist. Other employees confirmed that they also have dental care on site. Healthcare benefits are common in the average workplace, but this is taking health care to another level. I am assuming anything less serve than surgery can be taking care of at work. I am not even sure hospital employees receive this type of health benefits.
I have no doubt that Facebook is getting a very high level of productivity. Facebook is giving their employees the platform to really focus on doing their job at the highest possible level. The stress relief of providing free lunch, on-site health care, financial incentives, and many other perks is really healthy for the mental health. The average Joe that has a job may not know how it feels to have the stress relief that comes from their employers. Obtaining this information made me say facetiously “I wanna work for Facebook when I grow up.”
What other companies have you heard of that have amazing employee perks?
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