Why I Don’t wear Jordan’s

Since the mid 80’s Jordan’s has been the most popular basketball sneaker ever. Extremely popular in the urban community. In more recent time people actually camp outside the stores overnight just to be one of the first people to get the re-release of the Jordan sneakers referred to as the Retro Jordans. Some of these sneaker releases have caused Violence amongst consumers. Some people have even lost their life trying to get these Jordan sneakers.

Who do you blame for this behavior? Nike? Micheal Jordan? Parents? Retailers? the people involved in the acts of violence? Micheal Jordan himself has said very little about these acts of violence caused by his sneaker releases. Micheal Jordan along with brand Jordan comes off as incredibly arrogant and inconsiderate of the people that continue to buy their sneakers. Intentionally Brand Jordan is releasing limited quantity of sneakers to the retailers. So consumers are fighting to have a pair before they run out of shoes to sell. Black Friday shopping is a perfect example of what happens when you meet extremely high demand with very limited supply, you get a violent disturbance. Brand Jordan is in fact intentionally producing a low quantity for marketing reason. The lower the number of products that are produced gives the sneakers exclusivity. The more exclusive the sneakers are the more consumers want them.

The vibe I get from Brand Jordan is as long as consumers are still buying their sneakers they don’t care about what happens after that. The thing I find sad people will still buy these sneakers because they are chasing a social standard from a company that doesn’t give a shit about them. I will take intergity over fitting into a social standard everytime. If this company contunies to show a disinterest in the welfare of their consumers I will not be buying or wear a pair Brand Jordan sneakers.

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