Twitter Is Turning Into A Channel

Twitter may be looked at as more than a micro blog or just another social media site. Twitter is getting deeper into providing a way to view live content. In 2016 Twitter got their feet wet with live content when they paid $10 million dollars to the NFL for the rights to stream some Thursday night football games. Twitter had the chance to bring Thursday night football back to twitter, but they were beat out by Amazon Prime Video.
the first WNBA game streamed on Twitter had 1.1 million viewers. The amount of potential Twitter has to be a 24-hour live streaming TV network is very high. I would love to see Twitter create a designated app or site for the live streaming the content. There is also no schedule to determine when or what will be streamed live on Twitter.
List of some of the content that is and will be live streamed on Twitter.
PGA Tour
WNBA Games
The Players’ Tribune – #verified
Live Nation – Concerts
IMG Fashion – Fashion Shows
Propogate – #WhatsHappening
Bloomberg Media
The Verge
BuzzFeed News


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