The Price Of Netflix is Going Up

The streaming giant is calling for a price hike. This news is just two years removed from the price hike in 2015 making the standard Netflix subscription $9.99/month. Netflix now wants to charge $10.99 for their standard plan. Their premium plan which was $11.99 will now be $13.99.
The price hike was not surprising to me. Netflix plans to spend $7 billion in original programming in 2018, so that money has to come from somewhere. What surprised me was how soon they want to implement the price hike. Netflix says this price change will take place October 19, 2017.
How much can Netflix charge per month before user begin to say “the hell with Netflix”?
It does not seem like Netflix will stop their spending spree every year to have exclusive content. Netflix used to feel like a bargain, but not so much now.
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