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Netflix Iron Fist Was Trash

Let’s call a spade a spade, Netflix highly anticipated tv series Iron Fist was trash. The story was simply not that compelling to me. I didn’t get investing in the 13 episode journey¬†like I did with Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage.

It could be my expectation for this series was really high since Luke Cage was done so well. This was the last installment before Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist link up as the Defenders. I thought Iron Fist was going light the fuse for the inevitable bomb which would be the Defenders Series.

I found myself forcing my way through the episodes trying to ingratiate myself into the Iron Fist Story. I saw mixed feelings from people on social media about the Iron Fist Series.

For me, Defenders can’t come soon enough.




Netflix Needs An UI Upgrade

Maybe it’s just me, but I find it hard to find random shows and movies on Netflix. The “recently added” and “trending now” section are the list I see the most, but they do not have things I want to see.

I feel the way the Netflix user interface is currently setup, it is limited the view of all of the content the content. If you share a Netflix account like most people, the suggestion is usually not that accurate.


One thing I do notice is they want to force their original content down your Throat. Ultimately I would love to have a way to view the entire database opposed to these select slideshows based on genres they think I want to see.

What you think?

Shows You Should Be Watching

I stumbled¬†across a show on a free streaming service called Crackle. Crackle is completely¬†free streaming services you just have to put up with a few commercial during the movie or TV show you’re watching. You can access Crackle on your phone, tablet, computer, Apple TV, or streaming device.

The show Startup is about a girl who created a digital currency that can’t be hacked. She is eager to find investors so she can take this currency¬†worldwide. She struggles with investor, friendships, and family along the way and finds herself in a world of turmoil while chasing her dream. The show takes place in Miami and shows the white-collar side all the way down to the slums of the hood. The season has 10 episodes and how it ended hints at the possibility of a second season.

I think the show is dope and I encourage you to check it out for yourself and let me know what you think.

25 alternatives to Netflix & Chill

The coined phrase Netflix & Chill may have run its course for me. So the way my ignorance is set up I decided¬†to create 25 alternatives to “Netflix & Chill”. These alternatives may help or ruin the idea of having a phrase to indicate to someone you want to have sex with them, but want to be discrete.

  1. Hulu & Head
  2. Weed & Breed
  3. Backshots & Reruns
  4. Netflix & Nightcap
  5. YouTube & Screw
  6. Redbox & Wet Box
  7. HBO & Freak Show
  8. Love and Hip Hop & lay-up
  9. Sex in the City than sex forreal
  10. NFL & leave me the fuck alone
  11. OnDemand & On the man
  12. American Horror Story & hand jobs
  13. Different Strokes & long Strokes
  14. Black-ish and fetish
  15. American Pie & creampie
  16. World Star & Porn Star
  17. BET & POV
  18. MTV jams & A Lapdance
  19. TiVo & deep throat
  20. Smoke & Stroke
  21. Lifetime & Spoon
  22. Game of Thrones & Bone
  23. Once Upon of Time & 69
  24. Takeout & Makeout
  25. The night of & wet sheets

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