Adidas To Release The Yeezy Calabasas Sweatpants

Adidas is finally officially releasing The Yeezy Calabasas sweatpants to consumers worldwide. The Sweats will come in two colors black and scarlet. They will retail for $120, but if you want these pants I would advise you get on them as early as possible because they are expected to sell out quickly. You can go to to place your order. They will be available in the US 10/8/2017. They will available worldwide 11/22/2017.

There were some people who got their hands on a pair of these. The Yeezy Calabasas sweats were resold online for as much as $1000.

I don’t see anything special about them to rush to buy them. They are not a pair of bad looking sweat, but they don’t look like something I haven’t seen before. I feel I can get a similar pair of sweats for $40-$50.
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