The Philly Soda Tax Is Active

The Philadelphia Soda Tax is active and has been since the beginning of the Year. It didn’t take long for Philadelphia locals to begin to complain about the price hike of their favorite sugary drink. I was a guy who paid close attention to this Soda Tax and I still forgot about the top of the year being the day that the Soda Tax goes active.
Some people may not find the Soda Tax that simple to understand. It’s as simple as this, all beverages that contain a sugar-based sweetener is subject to the Soda Tax. The beverage will be taxed $0.015 per ounce. So if the regular price of your drink is $2 for a gallon which is equal to 128 ounces. So the math looks like this (128 *.015)+2 = $3.92.The Formula looks like this (ounces * Soda Tax) + Regular Price. Try your favorite drink yourself on this calculator I created for this Soda Tax calculation
Soda Tax Calculator
The one thing to keep in mind that this Soda Tax is restricted to the city limits of Philadelphia. So Delaware County, Berks, County and Montgomery County Distributors are not subject to this Soda Tax. I personally will significantly decrease the amount soda I buy. Water has become my new best friend and I am not looking back.

4 thoughts on “The Philly Soda Tax Is Active

  1. That is quite the hike in soda. It’s almost double! I think I’d head to the nearest county and fill up on sada bringing it across the county line…much like the moonshine days.

  2. You know I never thought of that…excellent point. I’d make the trip just for the sake of not paying the govt.’s tax. Then figure out if it was worth it. It sounds like a dumb tax and just a money grabbing tax.

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