2016 in 216 Words

Flint, Zika, Trump, super predator, litty, Put some respek on my name, all lives matter, black lives matter, blue live matter, Build a wall, posse, podcast, Tomi Lahren, 13, deleted e-mails, Isis, electoral votes, Oscars so white, protest, Mars, Captain America 3: Civil War, Amercian Civil War II, World War III, Look at my Dab, San Bernadino  Harriet Tubman on the $20, 73-9, back from 3-1, Prince, Transgender Bathrooms, Pro-life, Pat Summit, Alan Thicke, Muhammad Ali, Nancy Regan, Hamilton, Wells Fargo Fake accounts, Arnold Palmar, Cranes in the sky, insecure, Saint Pablo, Black Chyna-Kardashian, Cubs win world series first time in 108 years, Dakota Pipeline, moods, Yahoo Hacked again, views, Scott Kelly, Samsung Phones explodes, Facebook Live, Hurricane Matthew, Lemonade, Fidel Castro, Savage, Rio, Orlando, Brexit, Russia, Don’t ever play ya self, Leap Year, $15 an hour, bih, Respek, Woke, Reusable rockets, Stranger things, Luke Cage, Defend the Land, Pray for Paris, Batman vs Superman, The life of Pablo, Villanova University, Facebook reactions, Kevin Durant, JuJU on that beat, Tommy Ford, opps, Netflix Offline, Finding Dory, One Dance, George Michael, LGBTQ, Criminal Justice Reform, Jeff Fisher, VR, Project FI, Cuba, Coldplay, Drones, Anti-Drones, temperament,  popular vote, when they go low we go high, ooouuu, Amazon fire stick, Troy ave shot twice, immigration, Rickey Harris, U name it,  touch bar, no aux, Kylie Jenner

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