Monday Night Raw Is Coming To Netflix


WWE has officially made a historic announcement, WWE’s iconic flagship program is setting sail from its cable TV and anchoring itself on the streaming giant’s Netflix starting January 2025.

For WWE, it’s a game-changer. Netflix’s unparalleled distribution muscle promises to put Raw in front of millions of new eyes worldwide, potentially igniting a global wrestling boom. It also liberates Raw from the rigid confines of traditional TV schedules, allowing for format tweaks and potentially shorter, punchier episodes that cater to the binge-watching generation. Think of it as a WrestleMania main event without commercial breaks.

This Netflix partnership could revitalize WWE and expose its electrifying brand to a new generation of fans. It might even pave the way for other live sports and entertainment giants to follow suit, ushering in a new era of on-demand, personalized TV experiences.



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