5 days into my sober September had some interesting moments. First of all,  I decided to do this whole sober September thing completely forgetting that September first was on a Friday and the beginning of labor weekend. I noticed that I get the idea to drink when I have idle time and labor day weekend had plenty of that. The amount of PlayStation I played over the weekend was significantly higher than how much I played all year.
I didn’t have a real urge to drink in the first five days that much. I only had the thought of “a cold beer would be nice right now”. I believe those thoughts came from the people around me drinking.
Social media didn’t help at my sober September. I saw plenty of people enjoying their Labor day weekend with parties, cookouts, and even some people who attended the Made In America Festival.
With labor day behind me, I believe the next 25 days will be a breeze. I do need to find some other small hobbies to fill the idle time.
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