Sober September: Final Days

With sober September coming to a close I wanted to share some of my thoughts and the things I gained for not drinking alcohol for the month of September.

Sleep: I am not one of those people who over glorify sleep. I am perfectly fine with sleeping for 6 hours a day with no naps. During sober September I slept 5.5 to 6.5 hours a day comfortably. I also did not use or need an alarm clock to maintain this consistency. If there are 24 hours in a day I sleep for 6 and I give day job 8, I have 10 hours a day for me during the weekday.

Drinking would have thrown this 6 hours sleep scheduled way off. No matter how little I drank on selected days.

Fitness: I am not one of those people who workout on a regular basis. I am still not a person that works out on a regular basis, but I do believe endurance and stamina are important. About every other day around 5am or 6am, I would jog a distance of 1 to 2 miles.

I also feel much better physically on a daily basis. I had no random soreness during the whole sober September. When drinking, some days I would wake up with sore muscles in random areas.

Productivity: During sober September I had the opportunity to put a greater focus on being productive. I felt that I had the ability to keep a level of consistency with parenting. I believe my child is at a stage where consistency is needed in her life. I also find time to read and write more during the month. I had the time to really dedicated the effort in my websites, future website, and mobile applications that will be introduced to the public in the near future.

This website had its best month as far as traffic ever. I have to correlate that with my choice to go through with sober September.

Verdict: I am actually looking forward to doing this again. I have already nominated a few months to do this again

  • Dry July
  • Sober October
  • Sober September 2018
  • Dry January
  • May Stay Sober
  • Zero Drunk 30: April

Sober September

Sober September 5 Day

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