This so of the most absurd shit I have seen ever. So you mean to tell me people are willing to buy jeans that are already dirty? Based on my independent research the dirt on the jeans is not dirt at all. It seems to be a mixture of substances that give the visual illusion of dirt.
Back to the issue at hand, who would want to buy jeans that already dirty? Is this a fashion that I am just not hip to yet? To be fair I am aware that some people prefer their Chuck Taylor Converse’s to already has wear and tear. A few years back I saw a pair of already dirty Chuck Taylors for $45 in the mall. I also notice more and more people wearing torn, holy or destroyed clothing these days. But I think intentionally wearing filthy jeans is going too far. I could be wrong and not know enough about what going on in fashion right now.
Not only do they have the appearance of being dirty, but they are going for $425. I am not interested in paying $425 for a pair of clean brand new jeans.
*Random thought why do we call jeans a pair when it one whole item?*
Why not buy a pair of $20 jeans and run the jeans through some mud and let them dry and you have the same thing. I can’t help but think this literally one big joke and the company is trolling the consumers.
Talk to me, is there is someone who can make sense of this please comment and enlighten me on this.

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