Instant Album Review: Wale Shine

Thank God – Not far from what I expected from the opening track. A little poetry, some bars, and a smooth beat.
Favorite Bar: All you’ll ever be good at is rolling weed and 2K
Running Back Feat Lil’ Wayne – I always thought this song should have been bigger than it is. It was refreshing to hear a single that didn’t sound like anything that was out.
Favorite Bar: She said I buy her all kind of things, she lie about everything, Lord! – Lil’ Wayne
Scarface Rozay Gotti – This is dope. in rap world now where rappers are full-out hitting notes, I think Wale and Big Sean do a good job adding melody to their music without turning the auto-tune on. This hook gets stuck in your head.
Favorite Bar: N/A
My Love (feat. Major Lazer, WizKid, Dua Lipa) – I had a feeling I was going to hear one those Caribbean vibe songs on this album. I have to admit Wale seems to lean more towards the original essences of the Caribbean sound. Songs like Drake’s “One Dance” and Rihanna’s “Work” seems to have a taste of the Caribbean vibe, but caters towards modern hip-hop.
Favorite Bar: N/A
Fashion Week feat. G-Eazy – I like that Wale is playing with different sound as far as production. Hip-hop these can start to run together when the 808 patterns keep sounded the same.
Favorite Bar: N/A
Colombia Heights (Te Llamo) feat. J Balvin – I’m impressed. This is the type of record that makes a difference for an artist internationally and can still be big in the states. This beat is dope too, I can think of a thousand flows to put on this beat.
Favorite Bar: N/A
CC White – I can’t call it a bad song, but I don’t like Wale with the Kid Cudi vibes. He could keep this song off the album completely. I do like the switch up and the scratching at the end.
Favorite Bar: N/A
Mathematics – I like the vibes of this record. I would have loved to hear Fat Trel on this song. I don’t think people realize how versatile Wale is as an artist. Hit-boy killed this beat too.
Favorite Bar: I put some trust in a fuck nigga once now he don’t make decision no more, huh
Fish N Grits Feat. Travis Scott – When I first heard this song I thought it was a mixtape quality song, then it grew on me. I would have not imagined a Wale & Travis Scott back to back sound anything like this.
Favorite Bar: I’m not killer, but don’t make me one, imma chill I got a baby coming – Wale
Fine Girl feat. Davido & Olamide – Another One! *DJ Khaled Voice*. Wale has two west indies, reggae, Caribbean, hip-hop record. I will say though that this song was put together well. I can see this being the next single for sure.
Favorite Bar: N/A
Heaven On Earth feat. Chris Brown – This might be my favorite song on the album. I will definitely add this to one or two of my Google Music Playlist
Favorite Bar: Pour some patron have a cup with me, come by the crib keep me company – Wale Don’t worry bout bitches who fucking me, girl if you fuck with me just come and fuck with me – Chris Brown
MY PYT – Another single from Wale I thought should have been bigger than it was. I always hear shocking bad things about Wale as a rapper. Which I don’t get. Wale is now 5 album in and has more hits than you think. I think he can actually rap and he does things I think that pushes the culture forward instead of just trying to fit into what’s already working.
Favorite Bar: N/A
DNA – I thought the poetry record was coming at the very end of the album. None to less I was not disappointed with the record overall. Wale is really good putting poetry in his music without it sounding like you’re in a small room at a poetry night.
Favorite Bar: What if I told you, I just wanna hold you until I know you, when I’d rather know you before we go do what grown ups do, closed room, post-honeymoon
Would you run away or run up to?
Only difference with my particular curriculum is I’m here to lecture and listen, shawty, get it together
 Smile feat. Phil Adé & Zyla Moon – Sonically a great way to end the album. This track exits the album on a high note which sums up the album to me. Leading up to this album it seems that Wale was in a not so happy place, but this album may speak to how happy Wale may be in his life right now.
Favorite Bar: N/A

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