The MLB as approve the use of a wearable technology monitor for the players. We are not talking about your average smartwatch or Fitbit. This Wearable Technology created by a company named WHOOP. The device tracks your strain, recovery, and sleep.

The interesting part about this marriage between WHOOP and MLB is this device is said to only be approved for in-game use. The WHOOP device is really geared towards being worn 24/7. The player will not be forced to wear this device it is said to be strictly voluntary. Let’s look at the reality, If I have you under a $200 million contract and I ask you to use this wearable technology for the season. I am going to have a hard time accepting no as an answer.
MLB is the first major pro sports league to approve of the use of this technology. DeAndre Jordan from the LA Clippers was caught wearing this WHOOP wearable during a game, but the NBA does not allow the players have wearable technology during the games. So wearable technology will invade the other pro sports soon.

Chris Coghlan Outfielder Chicago Cubs

While training in the offseason, I woke up with a high recovery. I thought, ‘That can’t be right… the baby had me up all night.’ I went to the gym anyway and crushed my workout. WHOOP knows me better than I know myself.”

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