Trick Daddy & Trina Set to Release a Joint Album

Trick Daddy and Trina plan to take it to the house with their new joint album. Slip n Slide gave us plenty of classics from the 90’s and early 2000’s, but can they deliver a meaningful album during the current state of Hip-Hop. This announcement comes on the hills of the release of Fat Joe & Remy Ma  Plata o Plomo. Trick states he is doing this for the city of Miami.

I think if it’s done the right way this project could be dope. Trina and trick always had chemistry together on older records, so I think it’s worth a shot. I will be plugged in and ready to give a review on the album and all.

Trick Daddy to Mass Appeal

“Yesterday me and Trina signed a deal for a ‘Trick & Trina’ collabo album. So we bringing the city back, I just want this Trick & Trina record to be classic. I’m going to turn the Diamond Princess back to the Baddest Bitch.”

Are the people really looking forward to a Trick and Trina collaboration album?

Is this the start of a new trend of male and female collaboration albums?

What You think?

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