Who would have thought that a movie starting 4 black women will do great in their opening weekend at the box office?
Girls Trip raked in over $30 million in their opening weekend.  The real good news is that the estimated budget to make the film was around $27.6 million. So that means this movie is already profitable. it is currently at around $34 million in the box office after being in the theaters for 5 days. I am of the mindset that they will have a second big weekend inch them closer to $50 million in the box office.
So the question remains Is Girls Trip officially a success? In terms of profit and making more than you spent yes this movie was Succesful. Will this movie encourage Hollywood to take more risk with a similar story and cast? That is yet to be proven, but I don’t see why not. Hollywood is in the business of making money and Girls Trip is due to make a lot of it.
Do you see the movie?
What did you think?


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