H&M Apologizes For Ad With 'Coolest Monkey' Hoodie Featuring A Black Kid

Once social media got a look at this H&M ad, they tried to tear H&M a new one. Black people, in particular, called for boycotting the H&M brand due to looking at this ad as being distasteful and racist.

H&M issued a public apology after the backlash.

“We are deeply sorry that the picture was taken, and we also regret the actual print. therefore, we have not only removed the image from our channels, but also the garment from our product offering globally. It is obvious that our routines have not been followed properly. This is without any doubt. We will thoroughly investigate why this happened to prevent this type of mistake from happening again.” – H&M official statement

I am one to believe this is another case of hypersensitivity. I not sure what to point to exactly to say way black people are so hypersensitive to racism in the last few years. Sure, there have been some moments in America where racism was clearly the root of the issue. But a lot of things that have been called racist really was really had much to do about nothing.
So let me ask this, those monkey being on the shirt make it racist? if so then why?
Who thinks of black people as monkeys?
Do black people think of their selfs as monkeys?
If it was a different wild animal would any of us even care?
If a white kid was wearing this shirt, would white people think the ad was racist?
Black children shouldn’t wear clothes with a monkey or the word monkey on it?

Is this picture racist as well?

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