First off I am not one of those people who is anointing Kevin Durant as the best player in the league, that is still Lebron James. However, This finals performance closed the gap a little bit more and I believe he is comfortably the second best player in the NBA right now.
When Durant decided to go to the Warriors July 2016, we all knew the rest of the league had a slim to no chance of beating this team in a playoff series. We immediately turned to the Cavaliers because we also knew they would run through the eastern conference and be the Warriors finals opponent. So the 2016-17 season was ruined due to the fact that Kevin Durant Joined the team that was coming off the best regular season in NBA history. The suspense and the thought of the unknown were taken away from the NBA fans by this power shift of Durant Joining the Warriors.
I don’t think this will stop in the 2016-17 season. We might see the same exact ending in the 2017-18 season. Steph Curry is about to get is $200 million contract this off-season. Kevin Durant is already talking about taking less money to maintain the core of this team if he needs to. Outside of injury, I don’t see anything getting in the way of Warriors for the next 2 to 3 seasons. That alone makes me juggle the idea of not even watching basketball nearly as closely as I did in the past.
Am I wrong? Am I over exaggerating? What do you think?


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