Unless you were living under a rock, you should be aware of the recent tension between North Korea and the United States. North Korea has been cavalier about testing their nuclear weapons and the potential use of their weapons. Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump has traded insults. Trump calling Kim Jong “Rocketman” and Kim Jong called Trump “a frightened dog”.
With the tension being high and war being just about inevitable, Donald Trump expressed some feelings on dealing with “Rocketman”. He also throws the last three presidents under the bus in one tweet.

What exactly does President Trump mean by saying “I won’t fail”. I am aware that Trump does not like to really reveal is plan to potential enemies with the general idea that they have the Internet and access to the media too. Donald Trump went a step further which what made me wonder what is really on his mind with North Korea.

What exactly has to be done? I do believe that something has to happen with this guy Kim Jong Un. I not only think he s a threat to national security, I think he is a threat to international security. He can single-handedly start World War III and it feels like he has the intentions of doing that.
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