Head football coach of Clemson Dabo Sweeny had a press conference on Tuesday (September 13, 2016) where he addresses players protesting the National Anthem. He was very clear when he stated that he would not punish any of his players if they were to protest. He clearly stands on the side where he believes Americans have the right to protest.
Dabo continued and talked about America having a sin problem and not a race problem. Dabo is not wrong by saying that we have a sin problem, but that’s what tells me is that he is missing the point just like so many other. The real issue blacks are having with law enforcement has nothing to do with religion. Dabo is entitled to his opinion, but tell the black guy that is in constant fear for his life because he feels like he is being targeted by law enforcement simply because he is black that sin is the problem. We know that there are far more good genuine people in law enforcement across the country then there are foul or racist officers.
I believe that America is the greatest place to live on earth by a long shot. Although we have our issues here in America I don’t want to live anywhere else. I do agree that some Americans may not appreciate America for what it is worth, but I will never tell or advise anyone to move to another country. Dabo sweeny said, “Some of them need to move to another country”. First of all who the hell is he referring to when he says “them”? I’ll Digress.
Dabo then went on to state that we have a two term black president, black CEO’s, black coaches, and black quarterbacks. I get what he was trying to say that from the civil rights era to now we have come a long way. He’s right we have come a long way in this country, but guess what? it’s still not enough. We obviously still have more work to do. Blacks in this country still feel oppressed and disenfranchised. I am sick of people acting like they know what it’s like to be black in this country.
I love that fact that Dabo emphatically stated we need to hold people accountable for their actions. By any means do I think Dabo Sweeny is racist, in fact, I think he is a stand-up guy in my book. Dabo may even be right when he says this wave of protesting the national anthem may be causing us to be more divided. I support the protest simply because it is bringing light to an ongoing issue. I am eager to see the step that comes after the protest. Will there be more equality? Will the black community finally get their voices heard and some of our issues get addressed?
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