When I think of a show being titled Extreme Rules, I instantly think of Extreme Championship Wrestling or ECW. The Raw exclusive Pay Per View was far from extreme. Alexa Bliss hitting Bayley with the kendo stick is not going to cut it for me. Raw have been striking out with their exclusive pay per views in 2017.
Most of the matches were really not that good. The Tag Team cage match was not bad, the ending was a bit sour for me. I have grown tired of Neville and Austin Aries fighting each other. Miz and Dean Ambrose feels like a leftover Smackdown Live rivalry. The match also seemed a bit dragged out, no reason for the match to last for 20 minutes. I also thought they should have had the Goldust and R-Truth match on this card.

The main event exceeded my expectations. The match was about 30 minutes, but it had non-stop action.  That match was really done well and almost made it worth it to watch the underwhelming undercard matches. I am calling this fatal 5-way match an instant classic. Samoa Joe winning the match was interesting. I don’t think too many people seen this coming kind of like Jinder winning the WWE title. I am not sure how much I want to see Brock Lesner vs Samoa Joe.
Looking forward to Monday Night Raw.

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