Albert Pujols becomes the 9th player in MLB history to 600 or more home runs. Pujols was the only player to hit a grand slam for his 600th home run. Albert will be able to walk into the hall of fame the day he decides to retire from baseball as a player.
Alberts wife sent him a text in the middle of the game telling him to stay back. It was beginning to look like he was pressing because he knew his next home run was a historical milestone for him.

“I just stayed back, I’m glad that I listen to her once in a while.” – Albert Pujols

The 600 Club
Barry Bonds – 762
Hank Aaron – 755
Babe Ruth – 714
Alex Rodriguez – 696
Willie Mays – 660
Ken Griffey Jr. – 630
Jim Thome – 612
Sammy Sosa – 609
Albert Pujols – 600

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