Was Pusha T’s DAYTONA Album Of The Year?

Pusha T no doubt had one of the dopest rap albums in 2018. One of the proclamations he made before the album dropped was that his DAYTONA album was album of the year hands down.

King Push | Pusha T DAYTONA VINYL

One of the biggest debates about DAYTONA is if it’s really an album or not. Some people are classifying the project as an EP instead of an Album. The project is just 7 songs and has a total of 21 minutes of music on it.

King Push Too Rare Hoodie (Medium)

Just recently I woke up one morning and played DAYTONA at max volume. It still slaps like it did when I heard in the spring. In fact, I like the songs a lot more than when I initially heard the songs.

DAYTONA – On Apple Music

So the question remain was DAYTONA Album of the year?

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