Viacom Could Be Going Dark For AT&T Subscribers

According to an official press release, Viacom and AT&T are currently not seeing eye to eye on fees. If the two companies cannot come to an agreement by March 23, 2019, at midnight AT&T subscribers will lose access to Viacom channels.

Viacom owns Nickelodeon, BET, FX, Comedy Central, MTV and more.

“Unfortunately, AT&T is abusing its new market position by favoring its own content – which significantly underperforms Viacom’s to stifle competition. AT&T-DirecTV’s behavior is also consistent with a recent pattern of gouging their customers by charging them higher prices for an inferior product with fewer channels. Especially troubling, AT&T-DirecTV is marginalizing diverse audiences in its new DTV packages and threatening to do the same with their existing products.” – Viacom Press Release

DirecTV Now has already dropped Viacom channels from its basic tier bundle. It this AT&T’s way of saying they are willing to move on without offering Viacom channels?

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