The former orthopedic surgeon, Tom Price has been nominated by President-elect Donald Trump to be the new Secretary of Health and Human Services. Tom has been outspoken about Obamacare calling it complete disaster every chance he gets.Price is in the heavy belief of the open market system when it comes to healthcare.
Tom Price is very much in favor of defunding the planned parenthood programs and making abortion totally illegal. A lot of Price’s view are totally against what Trump promised to the American people.
Price’s views and what he actually does as the Secretary of Health and Human Services. I can honestly say I am not comfortable with Tom Price as the head of HHS. Tom is way too far to the right for me. I consider myself an independent, but extreme conservatives and extreme liberals I usually disagree with. Tom’s plan for healthcare in America has yet to be revealed, but I will remain hopeful that the future of healthcare will be benifiacal for all or most Americans.

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