The Tony Romo Sweepstakes

Unless Tony Romo takes a big pay cut it, does not make economic sense to keep him on the roster. His $19 million salary for the 2017-2018 season on a team that has not cap room to speak of yet and needs at other positions says all signs pointing to Romo should be on his way out of Dallas.
The good thing is Romo has a chance to go a team that has a good foundation and could be a QB away from being a contender.
Broncos: The Broncos just won the Super Bowl in 2016 with a less than par Quarterback performance and good defense. Tony Romo is still better than half the league’s Quarterbacks if he is healthy. I don’t think Denver is truly sold on any Quarterback on their roster right now.
Texans: Houston is another team that has a good defense and sub-par quarterback play. You gave Brock Osweiler a lot if money so it will be hard to give up on him after one year. If the Texans feel that they are one step away from being a true contender they might need to make a move for Romo.
Jets: I started to say something objective, but that’s not going to happen. As a Jets fan, I do not want Romo, no matter how bad our QB situation is.
Cowboys: As I stated earlier the only way Romo Stays on the Cowboys roster is if he takes a pay cut and accepts the role as a backup.
Rams: The Rams may have whiffed on number 1 overall pick Jared Goff. The Rams had a less than stellar year their first year back in Los Angeles. This may be a  way to energize the fans in LA by bringing in a veteran quarterback or a win now quarterback.

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