Madden 20 is among us and it is loaded with all new features.

For starters, Patrick Mahomes is the cover athlete for Madden 20.

Madden 20 will come with many improvements like new plays inside the playbooks. You now have the ability to run the Philly Special just like the Eagles did in the Super Bowl.
They also added signature animations like motions and celebrations that the NFL player actually does.
Madden NFL 20 – Xbox One
Madden 20 will also come with a “Face Of The Franchise Mode” that will replace the superstar mode. In this mode, you will have a to select out of 10 NCAA college teams to play for and start your career from college. You actually play games as an NCAA player before you get to the NFL.

EA Sports will have a closed beta for Madden 20 on June 14-16. Look out for codes to be apart of the beta and follow EA sports on Twitter.

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