Seattle Mayor Hopeful The NBA Returns To The City

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan is optimistic an NBA franchise will return to Seattle. Jenny excitement came after she spoke with NBA Commissioner Adam Silver. 


“‘I’ve met him on a number of occasions, I actually was a guest of his at some games in New Orleans when I was down there for a conference. Number one, the commissioner never gets ahead of the owners. And number two, if you want a city that wants a team, don’t get ahead of either of them. But it is very good news for the city of Seattle that they are thinking of an expansion team. And I was honest with him. He knows Seattle wants to be at the front of the line. We’re where the team should be. But we will be respecting them as they move forward to their ownership because the (owners), you know, has to approve it.” – Jenny Durkan

Adam Silver has reference wanting to add 2 new NBA franchises in the near future. If one of those teams is destined to be in Seattle, where will the 2nd team be? Would an NBA Franchise be headed back to Baltimore? 



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