I am not sure why congress is so quick to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Speaker of the house Paul Ryan said that congress want to repeal and replace at the same time and possible in the same bill if they could.”We want to do this at the same time, and in some cases in the same bill” is what Paul Ryan said during a town hall. While Congress seem to want to move really quickly, but have yet to reveal what they will replace ACA with. I can say myself that ACA was not perfect by any standards, but I thought there was potential to improve Obamacare.
You can’t ignore that over 20 million people got healthcare that didn’t have health care prior to the ACA. What will happen to those people who without Obamacare they might now have health care at all? I don’t think it cool to just say your going to change a system and not let the general public know what will happen to their existing coverage. To hear someone so eager to replace something I would hope congress will have a something that is better than the ACA. If this is not handled correctly this will hurt republican and democrats in the long run. Is this just a case of classism? I just would like for congress to show a level of empathy when it comes to repealing the ACA going forward.

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