Pepsi Acquires Rockstar Energy Drink For $3.85 Billion

Pepsi and Rockstar Beverages have agreed on a deal that Pepsi will acquire the energy drink company for $3.85 Billion.

Pepsi Cola Soda, 12 Ounce (36 Cans)

“Over time, we expect to capture our fair share of this fast-growing, highly profitable category and create meaningful new partnerships in the energy space” – Ramon Laguarta, Pepsi CEO

The founder of Rockstar beverages Russ Weiner believes Pepsi will make the Rockstar brand a household name.

“Pepsi is going to make this a global powerhouse brand, and my legacy will be safe with them” – Russ Weiner

Pepsi is of the belief that they have the resources to boost the energy drink performance in just a few years. The deal is not yet final but is expected to finalized by June 2020.

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