Most non-married people seem to believe there is a wide gray area that exists between being together and not being together. Don’t worry I am here to bring clarity to this situation. Once the condom comes off you guys are a couple no matter what arrangement you guys have agreed on. I feel males and females agree to these ambiguous titles like bae, main squeeze, him, my boo, breezy, slam piece, and a friend are used out of fear. These days people are much more reluctant to stand on something that is definite.

Which is weird because most people want the physical and emotional connection without the title. Outside of the obvious risk of unprotected sex, it’s considered another level completely. I believe something chemically happens to a woman when a raw penis is entered inside of her. So I don’t care what fake title you guys give each other when that condom comes off the connection is instantly different and if you’re not going to stop having sex, you guys are a couple.

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