The short answer to that question is very corny, but at least let me explain why.
Net Neutrality gives users the open internet the way we know it today. When I say open internet, I mean ISP shouldn’t restrict the things you access or post.
Imagine you just had a bad customer services experience with Comcast. And now you want to tweet about on your Twitter page, but Comcast in your ISP. Without Net Neutrality Comcast would be able to prevent your tweet from being posted simply because they don’t like it.
Net Neutrality keeps ISP’s from slicing and dicing the intern anyway they would like. Imagine having to pay more to get access to the premium websites like Twitter, Google, Facebook, etc.

I don’t know about everyone else but this would make the internet corny across the board for me. My internet usage time would drop considerably. I might even cry if I wake up one day and the internet didn’t have Net Neutrality anymore.
I do know when you close a door it’s possible to open another door wide open.


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