Google Did Such A Good Job With Google Pixel They Re-released It As The Pixel 2

Google has announced the release of their new flagship phone Google Pixel 2. On the surface the Pixel 2 and the Pixel differences are minor. In fact, I might even say the Pixel to the Pixel 2 is similar to going from the iPhone 6 to 6s. I have always criticized Apple for releasing the same phone every year with a different number or letter attached to it. The only difference is Google really got it right with the Pixel. I can make an argument that the Pixel is the best smartphone right now. Maybe Google’s idea was to keep the improvements simple so they do not ruin their idea of a perfect smartphone.

Looking at this specs comparison not much has changed from the Pixel to the Pixel 2 besides going from Snapdragon 821 to the Snapdragon 835 processor. It’s not displayed in this comparison, but the Pixel 2 has a  2,700 mAh battery while the Pixel has a 2,770 mAh battery. The Google Pixel 2 also removed the headphone jack.
I am not saying the Pixel 2 is not an upgrade from the Pixel. I am just saying the changes are minor and not enough to make me get rid of my pixel and get my hands on the Pixel 2 immediately. It just doesn’t feel like the 2nd generation of the Pixel, it really feels like the Pixel with enhancement. Maybe they should have called it the Pixel Pro instead of the Pixel 2.
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