The Essential Phone Is The Best Looking Android Phone Ever

That’s right I said, this new Essential Android phone is looking Android phone ever created in terms of design.

Andy Rubin started this company called Essential Products. If you’re not familiar with  Andy Rubin he is the founder of Android inc which was sold to Google back in 2005 and is now what we know as Android OS. Andy was also the Senior Vice President of Mobile and Digital Content, where he oversaw development of Android.

Andy’s company Essential Products have managed to create what I believe is the best designed Android smartphone on earth.


The Essential Phone has a beautiful titanium frame with an edge to edge screen display. A biometric fingerprint sensor and 13 MP camera dual camera on the back. The front of the phone has Corning Gorilla Glass 5 cover glass with an 8 MP.

Essential PH-1 is just a while put together machine. The software and the experience is another thing. I haven’t had the chance to get my hands on this device, but I am hearing mixed reviews about the user experience.

If this is Essential’s first effort at making a smartphone, I have to assume the Essential PH-2, 3, and 4 will be groundbreaking in terms of smartphones go.

A beautiful device like the Essential PH-1 for $499 can truly compete with the companies like Samsung, Google, LG and even iPhone.

Essential Phone 128 GB Unlocked with Full Display, Dual Camera – Black Moon

Essential 360 degree camera for Essential Phone

Essential Phone PH-1 Case, TUDIA Carbon Fiber Design Lightweight [TAMM] TPU Bumper Shock Absorption Cover for Essential Phone PH-1 (Black)



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