Flint Michigan is getting $77 Million from the state to fix the city awful Water Infrastructure.

The Poisoned City: Flint’s Water and the American Urban Tragedy

These projects will help the short and long term sustainability of the water system in the city of Flint, but as stated in the Water Distribution Optimization Plan, the water system needs in excess of another $300 million in capital improvements over the next 20 years.” – Rob Bincsik,  Flint Department of Public Works Director

Here is a list of things Flint plans to do with the money

  • Completion of a pipeline hooking up to a secondary water source.
  • Improvements to the Dort and Cedar Street Reservoir and Pump Station.
  • Construction of a new chemical feed building.
  • Replacement of the Northwest Transmission Main.
  • Various water main replacement work.
  • Water meter replacements.
  • Water quality monitoring panels.

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