Drake Does Not Have a Classic Album

Drake is without question the biggest artist in music right now hands down no debate. He kept his foot on the industries neck with “Views From The 6” and “More Life”. Two projects I thoroughly enjoyed by the way.
In 2017 it has me thinking. Does Drake have a Classic Album? After I give it some thought I would say the “So Far Gone” mixtape is a classic. But that’s a mixtape, not an album. They did add songs and make an official release,  but we all know that was the record company trying to capitalize on the momentum of the mixtape.
Most Drake fans will point to “Take Care” being his best album. My question if we are all in agreement that “Take Care” is his best album, is it a classic. My answer would be no. In fact, going through his entire catalog, he does not a have a whack album to speak of, period. But I cannot outright call any of his albums a classic.
I really want to open this up for discussion. I want to know what you guys think.
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