Do You Know What Color of Roses to Give?

Valentine’s day is right around the corner and one of the most popular gifts on this day is roses.
Red: Red is the most popular color of roses. The red stands for true love and romance. I recommend people who are truly in love, not someone you just love to hit every chance you get. so don;t confuse someone by giving them the red roses and they really should not 
Yellow: Yellow roses are commonly known to symbolize true companionship. These roses should be exchanged amongst friends. So don’t give yellow roses to the girl you been being “friends” with and you know deep down you want to hit every which way if she was to let you. 
White: White roses are common in weddings and is usually given to the bride. This makes sense because white roses symbolize being pure and clean. So even if the broad as changed her ways but her past is filthy stay away from the white roses. 
Orange: Orange roses stands for passion or desire. Theses roses might be the most eye-catching roses. Give the Orange roses to the girl you been wanting to take down for quite some time, but you’re not sure how to just come out and say it. 
Sure there are other colors of roses, but I want to know what kind of roses do you guys plan to give and for what reasons?

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