District Attorney Seth Williams decided to plead not guilty to all charges against him and was released on $50,000 bail. Williams is being charged with multiple accounts of corruption and bribery. The investigators believe Williams was accepting gifts in exchange for using his influence to intervene in cases
List of gifts

  • Convertible Jaguar
  • Luxury Trip to Punta Cana
  • $9,000 in cash
  • $205 Louis Vuitton Bowtie
  • $3,000+ custom sofa
  • Blueberry Watch
  • Eagles Tickets

Seth Williams is even being accused of taking more than $20,000 from his mother’s Pension to pay his own mortgage and electric bill.
A part of me believe this may all be investigators digging into someone business too much and it’s all a misunderstanding. Another part of me believes Seth Williams was really out her taking money left and right to influence cases simply cause he needed the money.

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