Walmart Buys Vizio For $2.3 Billion


The retail giant Walmart has announced a deal to acquire smart TV maker Vizio for an estimated $2.3 billion. This acquisition will not only help their retail business, but surprisingly it will help their advertising business.

Walmart aims to leverage SmartCast to supercharge its advertising business, Walmart Connect. Imagine targeted ads displayed directly on your TV, curated based on your viewing habits and shopping history. This personalized approach could generate significant advertising revenue for Walmart, potentially rivaling established players like Hulu and YouTube.

Walmart could develop its exclusive content library, accessible through SmartCast, creating a unique entertainment ecosystem. Additionally, they might gain more control over user data and viewing experiences, potentially influencing content discovery and consumption habits.

The deal is still subject to regulatory approval, but if it goes through, expect significant changes in how you interact with your Vizio TV.

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