So let me get this straight because Linda Bean who is the granddaughter of the founder of L.L Bean Leon Leonwood Bean donated more than what the Federal Election Commission allows your going to boycott shopping at L.L. Bean?  I understand people do not like President-elect Donald Trump, but to keep antagonizing people who support him is regressive to me. If progression and equality are your ultimate goals this entire grab your wallet campaign only creates more segregation.
Linda Bean giving close to $66,000 is the Federal Election Commission problem and they need deal with that accordingly. Taking it out on the company L.L. Bean because she donated too much money is stupid to me. Liberals are taking the fact that Hilary Clinton lost the election worst then I ever imagined. They really should blame the DNC, but that a whole other story.
L.L. Bean Chairman Shawn Gorman has publicly distanced the views of Linda Bean by saying she does not speak for the family owners or the other board members. Shawn also stated that the company has donated to democrat and republicans in the past.
My question to the Grab Your Wallet campaign is what about the employees of these companies you’re boycotting? Let’s say your campaign become super effective and in due time some of these companies have to close location or get out of business altogether. The real loser of the working class Americans who will be out of a job from a political stand that they had nothing to do with directly.

One thought on “Boycotting L.L. Bean is a Waste of Time”

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