Khabib Defeats Conner McGregor In 4th Round By Submission

In what is being called the biggest fight in UFC history, lived up to the hype.

Khabib defeated McGregor with rear choke hold that force McGregor to tap out. I thought Khabib controlled the first 2 rounds and I gave McGregor the 3rd round, simply by staying off the ground.

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After the referee, Herb Dean stopped the fight after McGregor tapped out, Khabib jump out of the octagon to pick a fight with one of McGregor coaches. While that was going on somebody from Khabib team sucker punched Conner McGregor while he wasn’t looking. This caused security to jump into the octagon and break up both parties.

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Dana White got involved and decided to not present Khabib with the title for social reasons. I thought Dana White made the right call by not officially presenting the title. The commentators referred to this confrontation spilling out to the streets at some point.

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